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Aeronautical Equipment

AIRSATTM 1 by Allied Signalwpe3.jpg (8513 bytes)

Contains a single SIM Card for use in private and cargo airplanes

Consists of an Iridium transceiver unit, an advanced digital handset and a low gain, top mounted blade antenna

Two-way voice system only

The AIRSAT 1 Single Channel Satellite Communications System developed by Honeywell revolutionizes satellite communications service for private aircraft. For owners or operators of light aircraft, communication options have been limited-until now. AIRSAT 1 provides two-way communications over a single digital channel via Iridium's global satellite system.


  • A single box system, AIRSAT 1 comprises an Iridium Transceiver Unit, advanced digitial handset, and a low-gain, top-mounted ARINC 761 blade antenna. AIRSAT 1 weights 15 lbs and can be installed on aircraft of virtually any type.
  • AIRSAT 1 provides high-quality voice communication, with rich telephony features including voice mail,  call forwarding and other telephone calling features are included as standard in the Iridium subscriber package.

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SatTalk II Aircraft Satellite Telephone SystemSatTalk II Aircraft Satellite Telephone System

The SatTalk II Aircraft Satellite Telephone System developed by ICARUS Instruments provides you with clear telephone communications and Internet access in your aircraft cockpit and cabin. It works at any altitude anywhere in the world. Provides reliable data connections, no dead zones, no altitude restrictions and no eavesdropping with Iridium's all digital satellite technology. All calls, voice or data, go from the aircraft's Iridium antenna through one or more Iridium low-earth-orbit satellites. Iridium-to-Iridium calls are sent directly to their destination. All other calls are routed to an Iridium gateway, which then routes voice and dial-up data calls over the public switched telephone network, while direct internet data calls are routed to the Internet over dedicated connections.

Flight crewmembers can use their aviation headset to place and receive voice calls while simultaneously monitoring ATC communications. ATC communications automatically override an in-progress Iridium call, placing the Iridium call on hold until the ATC communications are complete. Passengers in quiet cabins may use a lightweight headset with boom microphone or telephone handset. Incoming calls will ring in the aviation headset and in the cabin-mounted headset or handset. The phone can also be set to auto-answer after a set number of rings. Dial-Up data calls and Direct Internet data calls can also be placed from an attached computer.


  • The system is portable and can be easily moved between applications. (This excludes the antenna which is permanently installed)
  • The unit serves as an accessory to the Motorola Model Series 9505 Telephone allowing the Telephone to be easily removed and used independently from the SatTalk II system.
  • Aviation headset plugs into jacks on the SatTalk audio controller, with no modifications required to the headset or the aircraft communication system.
  • A cable with headphone and microphone plug is supplied to allow an easy connection to your aircraft audio system.
  • Helicopter and military low-impedance headsets are also supported with optional cables.
  • SatTalk can be used with any audio panel even ones without special telephone inputs.
  • An optional handset kit is available for cabin use.
  • The phone's battery is charged while the aircraft is powering it.
  • Provides worldwide coverage in the air as well as on the ground.



hmscomweb2.gif (15735 bytes)dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes)icon_p.gif (1704 bytes)H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.

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