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Inmarsat Fleet 55FLEET

Introducing one of the latest Inmarsat product offering

Fleet 55 is a integrated voice, fax and data service which provides a choice of communication options.

Fleet F55 has been designed for vessels wanting a smaller antenna, lighter above-deck equipment and a low-cost, simple hardware installation.

Offering spotbeam data and global voice coverage, it is ideal for medium to large leisure vessels, and various data-centric and medium-sized craft such as merchant or patrol vessels.

The Inmarsat Fleet F55 solution offers global voice coverage, plus spotbeam coverage for data and fax.

This new member of the Fleet family is ideal for vessels previously restricted by the size and cost of terminal hardware, offering online connections and powerful data transfer capabilities directly onboard.

General Fleet 55 Capabilities 

  • IP connectivity via MPDS: Enabling an 'always on' connection, where the terminal owner pays for all data sent and received, instead of time connected.
  • ISDN connectivity: Providing a guaranteed 64 kbps 'clean' ISDN channel for high speed data transfer, high quality voice, high quality (Group IV) Fax and video streaming.
  • Low cost voice capability: Fleet 55 also offers a 4.8 kbps channel for mini-M quality voice and fax communications at approximately the same rates as standard mini-M.
  • 3.1 kHz audio: This enables a user to set up high speed analogue fax and data connections over the 64 kbps ISDN channel.
  • Global/Spotbeam Coverage: Fleet 55 utilizes Inmarsat's Global Beam for voice services and Spot Beam for all other services.
  • ISP Activations: Fleet 55, like mini-M, can be commissioned under an ISP rather than an Accounting Authority.


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