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Who Is Globalstar

Globalstar is a consortium of cutting-edge global telecommunications companies. Established in 1991 to provide mobile and fixed satellite-based telephony services. These services are available locally, regionally, or globally, from the same phone utilizing one service.

Globalstar ServicesQualcomm Globalstar Analog Fixed Unit

  • Voice calling
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Roaming
  • Positioning*
  • Facsimile*
  • Data transmission*

The System

The Globalstar system consists of a constellation of 48 low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites. The satellites transmit calls from your wireless phone or fixed phone station to a terrestrial gateway.  The gateway transfers the calls on to existing fixed and cellular telephone networks in more than 100 countries on 6 continents.

QUALCOMM’s Globalstar phones - Mobile and Fixed phones.

· QUALCOMM’s Globalstar Tri-Mode Mobile Phone GSP-1600 - QUALCOMM’s Globalstar Tri-Mode mobile satellite phone is a lightweight, handheld communications tool that operates with the Globalstar network virtually anywhere in the world. Short message service (SMS) and data services will be available in the near future. Additionally, Globalstar’s Tri-Mode satellite phone automatically (or manually if programmed) switches from the Globalstar satellite network mode to the digital cellular mode (CDMA) or North American analog (AMPS) mode within the caller’s home network or when roaming to a neighboring network, reducing the cost of the call.

Hands-Free Car Kit - QUALCOMM’s Globalstar Tri-Mode Car Kits are mobile phone systems designed for in-vehicle applications. It also allows users the flexibility of removing the phone for hand-held use outside of the vehicle.

QUALCOMM Analog Fixed Unit (AFU) GSP 2800QUALCOMM’s Globalstar Analog Fixed Unit (AFU) offers fixed site applications for residential, business and marine communication solutions. The unit is designed to the immediate communication demands for voice service in areas where land-based services are not available. QUALCOMM’s Globalstar fixed satellite phones access the Globalstar satellite network via a Radio Antenna Unit (RAU) mounted in a convenient location outside with a clear view of the sky.

Residential – The QUALCOMM Globalstar access units enable remotely located residences to connect into the public telephone network through the Globalstar system using standard residential telephone equipment and wiring.

Business - The QUALCOMM Globalstar access units allow standard PABX, key systems and single business phones to be connected to the public telephone network using the Globalstar system.

Marine - The Globalstar marine phone will be available in the future. The Globalstar marine phone has the ability to connect to a standard phone or shipboard phone system. This is an ideal system for owners, crew, and passengers who need reliable ship-to-shore communications.

dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes) H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.

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