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GP-270 ML

LCD Display
A large, 4.5 inch wide LCD display offers a clear view of all readouts. Both the display and the operating keys are backlit for easy nighttime operation. Latitude and longitude are given in large numbers, and are also easy to see in all conditions. Use the GP-270ML to translate LORAN TD coordinates to GPS coordinates. Altitude (feet/meters), accuracy (feet/meters), speed (nautical miles/knots, statue miles/mph or kilometers/kph), course heading, date and time are also all clearly displayed. Five "soft" keys below the display are software driven and offer easy, on-screen control of important GPS functions. Controls are adjustable to give readout information in English, Dutch, French, German or Spanish.

Features unique to a GPS at this price point include a full 10 key keypad, a convenient 24-hour tide prediction feature for up to 2,500 tide stations, and a local-time sun and moon rise and set feature that also includes moon phase readouts for each hour of the day. It's easy to use the GP-270ML for cruise planning!

Marine Database
Also unique are the GP-270ML's marine databases, with 16,000 pre-programmed points. Up to 100 more user-programmable points may be added. The large LCD offers an impressive plotting display, allowing present position and previous track to be plotted with lights, buoys and waypoints. Waypoint names are user-programmable. The track is automatically recorded, and previous tracks can be stored in memory for future use. Paths can be manually followed or automatically followed with an autopilot.

Man Overboard
For safety, a man-overboard feature may be activated which saves the person's last known position. Audible alerts may be added to the visual alerts given for waypoint arrival, crosstrack error, border crossing, anchor watch and avoid points. A quick-response start up time offers you a first fix well within a minute (and much faster still if the GP-270ML has already been operated earlier in the day) and stays accurate through rapid acceleration or deceleration (up to 6 "g's").

This water resistant GPS comes complete with a world map database, GPS antenna, 35 feet of antenna co-ax cable, a sturdy mounting bracket, power cords, easy-to-read manual and a quick operation guide. The unit is available in one of two configurations - one for the western hemisphere (Americas), and one for the eastern hemisphere. One input and two output data ports are included for third party connections, such as to a PC or to a DGPS antenna offering SC-104 messaging.


The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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