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IC-400SA Specifications

H.M.S. Communications, Inc.

IC-4008A black photo IC-4008A yellow photo

Recently rated as a Best Buy by a major consumer magazine

Compact, Rugged, Feature-Packed FRS Radio

Easy for the whole family to use.

No licence required. No fees required. Legal for on land AND at sea use (USA only)

  • Super compact size. Only 2.3 (W), 4.5 (H), 1.1 (D) inches
  • Output power: 0.5 watt (maximum allowed for FRS communications)
  • Talk range: line of sight, about 2 miles. Results will vary depending upon environment, terrain, etc
  • Simple to use: only 5 buttons are needed to control all operations
  • Available in black or yellow

Advanced ICOM features:

  • Water resistant to JIS-5 standards
    Few (if any) other brands of FRS radios are water resistant. ICOM's is. The IC-4008A is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Meets U.S. military standards (MIL STD) 810 C/D/E for shock and vibration
    Police radio tough! ICOM's FRS radio is built to withstand rough handling.
  • Rotary type antenna
    Can be folded behind the radio when not in use
  • "Call-Ring" function
    Sends a ring tone, like a phone or pager ring
    Up to ten different ring patterns let you know the identity of your caller before taking the call
  • "Smart Ring" function
    lets you confirm whether or not a call has reached the receiving party (if they are using an IC-4008A), even if the person you're calling is temporarily away from the radio
  • Group modes
    • 38 different codes "split up" each of the 14 FRS frequencies. Also known as CTCSS, or Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System
    • Helps weed out unwanted contacts
    • Allows the radio to remain in a Silent Standby mode. Only signals containing your group code can open the squelch, keeping the radio quiet while monitoring for communications
    • To use a group code, agree beforehand with each of member of your party on which code to use on one of the 14 channels. Example: "We'll contact each other on channel 6, code 22". Enter your settings into the IC-4008A and then use the radio's lock function to maintain the settings. The amount of unwanted calls will be drastically reduced
  • ATS (Automatic TranSponder) function
    Like the "Smart Ring" function, this lets you confirm whether or not a call has reached the receiving party, but without a "Ring" tone
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • 30+ hours of talk time
  • Low battery indicator (alkaline power)
  • Selectable lock feature maintains radio settings
  • Selectable auto power-off timer (two hours) to save batteries
  • Optional Ni-Cd power and charger available for alternate power flexibility
  • Optional headset available for hands-free operation
  • Optional hand speaker-microphones available for additional customization

Click Here For Detailed Specifications!

The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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