IC-A200B Specifications
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H.M.S. Communications, Inc.



  • Frequency Coverage: 118-136.975 MHz
  • Mode: AM (6K00AE3)
  • Number of memory channels: 9
  • Tuning steps: 25 kHz, 50 kHz or 1 MHz
  • Power supply requirement: 13.8 V DC 15% (negative ground)
  • Current drain (at 13.8 V DC):
    Tx: 2.6 A
    Rx (max. audio): 600 mA; Rx (squelched): 320 mA
  • Useable Temperature Range: -20C to +55C
  • Frequency stability: 15% (-20C to +55C)
  • Dimensions (projections not included): 160(W) x 34(H) x 271(D) mm; 6.3(W) x 1.3(H) x 10.7(D) in
  • Weight: 1.1 kg; 2.4 lb


  • Output power: 7 W (carrier power)
  • Microphone impedance: 600 ohms


  • Receive system: Double-conversion superheterodyne
  • Intermediate frequencies: 1st 32.455 MHz; 2nd 455 kHz
  • Sensitivity (for 6 dB S/N): 2.0 V (with 1 kHz, 30% modulation)
  • Spurious rejection: -80 dB
  • Audio output power: 5 W with a 4 ohm load; 100 mW with a 500 ohm load


  • PS-80 DC POWER SUPPLY: Designed for quick and easy installation and removal of the IC-A200, the PS-80 has a built-in speaker and (with some versions) microphone. Provides convenient operation of the IC-A200 on the ground. Dimensions: 200(W) x 200(H) x 300(D) mm; 7.9(W) x 7.9(H) x 11.8(D) in. Output: 13.8 V DC/6A

The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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