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H.M.S. Communications, Inc.


VHF Air Band Transceiver (COMM Only)

ICOM's Most Affordable Avionics Radio

Note: a commercial version of the IC-A4 is also available.
  • Receive 108.000 to 136.975 MHz (receives all 760 channels)
  • Transmit 118.000 to 136.975 MHz
  • Receive and transmit in VFO mode for on the fly channel selection
  • 19 memory channels
  • Alphanumeric display for quick channel identification
  • EEPROM (non-volatile memory) retains memory channel information if power runs out or radio is turned off. No need to re-enter settings
  • Backlit display for day or night operation
  • Rugged, die-cast aluminum chassis
  • Super-tough polycarbonate front panel
  • Compact size. Small enough to comfortably fit inside a pocket
  • Flexible, tall antenna
  • Side-tone permits hearing your own transmitted audio while using a standard aviation headset
  • Optional 1050 mAh battery available. Same physical size as supplied 700 mAh battery.
  • Optional "AA" alkaline (or "AA" Ni-Cd) battery case
  • Comes with Ni-Cd battery, wall charger, and belt clip
When requesting information for this private pilot version of the IC-A4, please refer to IC-A4, version number 01

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The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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