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IC-A5 Specifications

H.M.S. Communications, Inc.

Icom IC-A5 (Com Only)

IC-A5ICOM is the name pilots have come to know and trust. Fly the airwaves with the latest ICOM airband transceiver! Measuring only 2 9/32(W) X 4 7/32(H) X 1 1/8(D) in., it is nearly half the size of the IC-A3, and another third as small as the IC-A21. Yet, it is every inch an ICOM, chock full of the useful features you've come to rely on. Its palm size is very convenient for carrying on your belt with the supplied belt clip. The IC-A5 has water resistant construction, equivalent to JIS-4 grade, which allows safe operation in rainy conditions.

Well labeled and well spaced keys are easy to operate, even while wearing gloves. The back mounted battery puts the weight of the unit in your palm, allowing a comfortable grip. The wide and large LCD lets you see every readout at a glance.

Volume and channel selection can be controlled by the rotary selector on the top panel, or Up/Down switches on the front. You can change the assignment at your convenience. The volume level and channel number are displayed during adjustment.

Received conversation can be recorded and played back with the built-in voice recorder. Recorded contents can be transmitted and kept even with power off, or when the battery is discharged.


  • Compact and water-resistant construction
    • 30% smaller than the IC-A22/IC-A3
    • Dimensions: 2 9/32(W) X 4 7/32(H) X 1 1/8(D) in.
    • Water resistant to JIS 4 specifications
  • Full 5 Watt output power (1.5 W PEP)
  • All 760 channels (118.000 MHz - 136.975 MHz)
  • 25 kHz tuning steps
  • Easy to operate
    • Well labeled and well spaced keys
    • Large LCD display
  • Reversible analog rotary selector and digital Up/Down switches
  • Voice recording and playback function
    • Records incoming transmissions
    • Records voice messages
    • Transmits stored messages
  • 200 memory channels (20 Ch. X 10 banks) with 6 character names
  • PC programmable functions and memory channels
  • User programmable controls
  • One touch access to 121.5 MHz emergency channel
  • Large capacity Ni-MH battery pack
  • NOAA weather channels
  • Innovative "TAG" scanning and memory bank scanning
  • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction
  • Low battery alert
  • Backlit display and keypad for night operation

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The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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