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IC-R3 Specifications

H.M.S. Communications, Inc.

ICOM IC-R3 Handheld Receiver

Handheld audio/video receiver. IC-R3

What Does It Do?
The all new video capable IC-R3! Never before has a handheld receiver given you as much information as the IC-R3. Not only can you see receiver's operating status and spectrum scope, you can display broadcast visual information: TV program, picture from wireless cameras and more. The IC-R3 is great for sporting events, security, Amateur TV, and you can watch your favorite TV program at anytime, anywhere. But, with a frequency coverage of 0.495-2450* MHz, and AM, FM, WFM modes built-in, the IC-R3 is not your average TV receiver! You've never seen anything like it!

TV And Wireless Video
The IC-R3 combines a 2-inch TFT color display along with a wide band receiver to bring a visual element to what has traditionally been an audio.
The IC-R3 not only covers the commercial broadcast channels, 2-69, and the amateur radio ATV frequencies in the 430, 1200, and 2400 MHz bands, the IC-R3 also gives a free tuning AM TV receiver from 25.500 MHz to 2450 MHz, along with FM TV capability from 900-1300 and 2250-2450 MHz. Experimenting with wireless video opens a whole new world for monitoring, whether for fun or security.

Hours of Fun
The IC-R3 also has an extremely wide receive range of .5-2450 MHz, except for the cellular ranges.
Speaking of hours of fun! The IC-R3 comes with a Li-Ion battery offering up to 27 hours of continual operation!

The 2" TFT display allows you to control the radio through several different color operating displays. These display allow you to show the operating status, a signal strength indicator, along with a band scope. The band scope allows you to analyze activity within a specified band, adjustable to 500 kHz wide.

Memory Channels
The IC-R3 has 400 memory channels to store your most frequency used channels. Also, there are 50 scan edge memories for programming your frequency ranges. The alphanumeric help identify then memory channels for easy memory management. There is an additional 10 video memories for quick retrieval of your favorite video sources.

The IC-R3 comes complete with a telescopic antenna, belt clip, wall charger, Li-Ion battery pack, and spacer for optional operation on three AA alkaline batteries. Options include a desktop rapid charger capable of operation from 110VAC or 12 V DC, spare Li-Ion battery packs, a leather protective carrying case, a cigarette lighter adapter, and the cloning software and cable.


  • Dimensions: 61 (W) x 120 (H) x 32.9 (D) mm; 300 gr
  • (2 13/32 (W) x 4 23/32 (H) x 1 9/32 (D) in; 10.6 oz)
  • Color TFT LCD display
  • Impressive operating status display
  • TV picture receive capability
  • Signal strength level indicator
  • Simple band scope
  • Super wide frequency coverage - 0.495-2459 MHz (cellular frequencies blocked)
  • Long hours monitoring capability
  • 450 memory channels
  • Multi function "joystick" switch
  • Automatic squelch
  • Tone squelch features
  • Built in attenuator
  • One touch semi-duplex monitoring capability
  • Auto power off timer, power saver function
  • Use the monochrome LCD display when the color LCD is turned off
  • Remaining battery power indication
  • Telescoping antenna included

* U.S. cellular telephone frequencies blocked.


The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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