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Nera Saturn Bm - Marine

Nera Saturn Bm  maritime Inmarsat-B terminal provides global access to the international telephone, fax, telex  and data networks. The Saturn Bm provides controlled by access codes and routing through selected Land Earth Stations. Traffic logging is a standard feature. 
The Nera Saturn Bm consists of two units, an Above Deck Unit and the Main Control Unit. The standard handset has a built-in display for viewing signal strength read-out, system control and diagnosis.

  • Voice 
  • Fax 
  • Telex (option) 
  • Data (option) 
  • High Speed Data (option)


  • Additional outlets for telephone, fax, telex and data 
  • Last number redial 
  • Short number chosen by name or number 
  • Handset with display for 
    • Phone calls 
    • Read-out of signal strength 
    • System configuration and control 
  • Access codes 
  • Traffic logging 
  • Use of Pay Card 
  • Restricted use of Land Earth Station (option) 
  • Restricted use of phone numbers (option) 
  • Pre-paid call time (option) 
  • STU III (option) 
  • Use of Credit Cards (option) 


The Nera Saturn B Transporter is transportable it is a ruggedized portable terminal that enables global access to the international telephone, fax, telex and data networks, at reasonable cost. 

By connecting a standard fax machine and a PC, you have a complete office at your remote location. Secure voice and data interface for STU III/IIB can be provided as an option. The optional HSD (56/64 Kbps) service is cost effective and extremely reliable. 

The equipment is uniquely packaged, with flat antenna panels, which provides portability and easy setup, enables the quick establishment of network communications. The smart easy user interface makes the unit easy to operate.


hmscomweb2.gif (15735 bytes)dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes) H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.


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