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The Nera WorldPhone is small, lightweight, easy to install and operate.  Operating on the Inmarsat-3 Spot Beam System, the Nera World Phone offers digital voice, facsimile and data communication.  It covers most of the world except for the polar regions and some remote ocean areas. See the coverage map Mini-M Coverage

Portable Inmarsat Mini-M Satellite Telephone

Nera WorldPhone provides access to the international dial-up telephone, fax and data networks. The WorldPhone is packaged in a custom designed case that contains the antenna and RF in the lid, the phone unit is contained in the base. The unit is designed for quick, reliable operation under all conditions. This is an excellent solution for the business traveler and field workers.


NERA WorldPhone Voyager

The Nera WorldPhone Voyager is a vehicle mounted version of the Nera WorldPhone product line.  The Voyager provides global access to and from the international telephone, telefax and data networks. The antenna is designed to provide accurate satellite tracking during vehicle movement.

The Voyager provides a single cable connection between the antenna and the telephone to simplify vehicle installation. 

NERA WorldPhone Provident

The Nera WorldPhone Provident is a high gain antenna version of the WorldPhone product line.  The high gain antenna helps to minimize airtime costs. The antenna is designed to withstand inclimate weather that is easily installed on a pole of wall.


NERA WorldPhone Marine

The Nera WorldPhone Marine unit is a marine designed version of the Nera WorldPhone that is small in size, easy to install and operate.  It engineered to handle the demanding marine environment.  It provides voice, fax and data communication services throughout the mini-M service coverage area. 


  • Additional outlets for telephone, fax and data
  • Last number redial
  • Short number chosen by name or number
  • Access codes
  • Traffic logging
  • Restricted Land Earth Station (option)
  • Restricted dialing of phone numbers (option)
  • Pre-paid call time (option)
  • STU III/STU IIB (option)


Tx Frequency:            1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz

Rx Frequency:            1525.0 - 1559.0 MHz

Channel spacing:        5 kHz

EIRP:                            14 dBW

G/T:                                -17 dB/K


Temperature:                -25 C to +55 C                 

Humidity:                        95% at 40 C




Ext Tel/Fax Outlets:            2 x RJ11, 2-wire with echo canceling and touch-tone dialing.

Fax:                                   CCITT G3 at 2400 bps

Data:                                  D-sub, 9-pin fem. 2400 bps, RS-232, Hayes AT compatible.

POWER SUPPLY:              10-32 VDC (90-276 VAC optional)

Power Consumption:            Standby 15W   - Maximum  50W


hmscomweb2.gif (15735 bytes)dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes) H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.


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