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Inmarsat Regional BganRegional Bgan - Inmarsat

Inmarsat's compact high-speed data modem solution. Providing high-speed data services in over 100 countries.

Seamless access to applications
Regional BGAN is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Millennium Edition (ME), 2000, XP, NT and Mac OS 10.1. It also provides remote LAN and intranet access, and enables dedicated, secure links to be set up over a virtual private network (VPN).

It is also suitable for FTP, instant messaging, video streaming, e-commerce and transferring or sharing all kinds of data files with colleagues or clients.

Twice the speed of GPRS
The connectivity offered by Regional BGAN runs at more than twice the speed of current terrestrial GPRS mobile phone networks. The satellite footprint covers more than 99 countries stretching from western Europe and the northern half of Africa, across central and eastern Europe, the southern CIS countries, to the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

Avoids the need for a fixed line network
Regional BGAN is a high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) data service providing fast, reliable access to the Internet and corporate computer networks, even where the local telecom infrastructure is either poor, non-existent or expensive.

Easy to set up
The service is based around a lightweight satellite IP modem the size of a notebook PC. Weighing only 1.6Kg, the modem is fully portable and easy to use when and where you need it. The modem can be used with a single PC or connected to a local area network (LAN) through which it can be accessed by multiple devices. What's more, connections can be made using USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth technology.

Cost-effective packet data system
Another major benefit of Regional BGAN is its cost effectiveness. Connection to the Internet or a private network can be kept 'always on', and you only pay for the amount of data you send or receive, rather than the time spent online - making it an extremely effective business tool.

Connection compatibility
The Regional BGAN satellite IP modem can be connected using USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth technology. The USB interface is a standard protocol for many computer peripheral devices. Ethernet is a local area networking method widely used throughout the IT industry, and Bluetooth is a wireless technology interface method that is used with modems, handheld PDAs, PCs and mobile phones.

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