Remote Monitoring
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VSAT is the perfect platform for remote monitoring, or hazardous monitoring activities. VSAT can provide a real-time monitoring link from remote or hazardous locations from around the world. The information and activities can be routed to a central control center or multiple locations for monitoring.IMG0022.JPG (77398 bytes)

Some Applications

  • Electrical Transmission Lines
  • Electrical Transformer Stations.
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Gas Pipeline Applications - Compressor Station Monitoring
  • Homeland Security Applications
  • Hydroelectric Facilities
  • Industrial Applications
  • Metering Applications
  • Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Security Applications
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

H.M.S. Communications, Inc. can provide a variety of solutions, or customize a solution to meet a unique and specific monitoring requirement. Monitor your assets and resources around the world, through the use of VSAT satellite technology.

Contact for your specific remote monitoring requirements.

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