TT-3080A Mobile Messenger
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Thrane & Thrane

TT-3080A - The Capsat Mobile Messenger

Thrane & Thrane's mobile GAN solution. The TT-3080A Capsat Mobile Messenger is a mobile Inmarsat GAN (Global Area Network)/M4 terminal offering 64 kbps connectivity globally. Digital quality voice, fax, video and two types of data service; ISDN and MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service). The unit provides mobile connectivity to corporate LAN/WAN, acting as a node to the system from anywhere. Truly global connectivity.

The unit is robust, providing reliable ccommunications at speeds up to 110 km per hour, and reestablished immediately after passing under a bridge or a tunnel. Reliable Inmarsat GAN connectivity on the move globally.

Multiple installation options, the antenna can be mounted with sturdy magnets or on a rack that you place on the roof of your vehicle. Providing permanent and temporary installation options.

The Mobile Messenger vehicle kit is complete providing a mounting cradle for the transceiver and handset unit, a universal DC/DC power supply for both transceiver and antenna and a fully automatic tracking antenna.

Flexibility, the handset cradle  makes it possible to remote mount the handset from the transceiver unit, and have instant voice communication in the front of the vehicle or wherever clear digital communications are required..

Compatibility:The Capsat Messenger Vehicle kit is fully compatible with the other Capsat Messenger systems, allowing you to use the same transceiver unit with the portable and fixed antennas.  This provides for truly flexible usage options from fixed installations to mobile installation, whatever your requirements are at the time.


  • High speed data terminal with transmission rates up to 64 kbps, while on the move.
  • Fully automatic tracking antenna with different mounting options.
  • 10 32Vdc power supply, transceiver and handset cradle, and cables for complete in-vehicle installation supplied as a standard.
  • Easy set-up and customization of terminal with the included configuration software.
  • Standard Mini-M voice, fax and data operation at 2.4 kbps.
  • Multiple interfaces.
  • Optional STUIIB/STU-III service in addition to other secure systems.
  • Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS).

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