Video Surveillance
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VSAT Video Surveillance

H.M.S. Communications, Inc. provides a wide range of video surveillance solutions to meet the video surveillance requirements for a variety of applications and industry. The increasing demand for security through the use of monitoring and surveillance applications have given raise to the increased use of digital satellite technology to provide global monitoring and surveillance of assets and facilities globally.

VSAT technology is scaleable which enables it to be readily adapted to a wide range of video surveillance applications from store and forward low-bandwidth applications to real-time broadcast quality video applications through the use of the latest surveillance and digital satellite technology.

Video surveillance can provide an integrel portion of any security program.

Some Applications

  • Access Control
  • Asset Management
  • Digital Recording Activities
  • Emergency Response
  • Facilities Security
  • Fire Security
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Port Security


Contact for more information on VSAT video surveillance applications.

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