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Westinghouse LandSat Satellite Telephones

Westinghouse RuggedTalk

ruggedtalk.jpg (4043 bytes)Westinghouse Rugged talk was designed and engineering for rigors of severe service conditions and hard-to-access places where terrestrial means of communications are unreliable or non-existent. The Rugged talk is built for survival, it was manufactured to take the rigors of rough handling, constant transporting and harsh outdoor environments. The unit is ideal to serve as a portable communications center where there is a need for an essential communications link. The Rugged talk  is the solution for emergency   management, construction, geological surveying, mining and drilling, police and security operations, and whenever there is a need for secure, dependable communications; in a portable package that is ready to survive.

The Rugged talk is shock resistant, waterproof and it even floats. It is equipped with recessed wheels and a retractable handle that provides for easy portability. Rugged talk is a complete portable satellite telephone system it consists of:: a handset, a transceiver, a battery, battery charging circuitry, a battery meter, space for an optional battery, a compass for orienting the antenna, a 110/220VAC (50/60Hz) to 12VDC power supply, a DC input connector, two DC output connectors for accessories and, installed in the lid of the shock-resistant case, a planar antenna with its electronics module. The optional cable enables the detachable lid containing the antenna to be placed up to 18 feet away from the base.

Rugged talk is designed for portability, the case is stackable, has packing strap channels, includes a lock for security and can be checked as airline baggage. Shock and vibration resistant, it can withstand a two foot drop on any side or corner without damaging the electronics inside, and a weatherproof seal adds protection from water penetration when the case is closed. Additionally, the lid portion of the case is both rain and weatherproof when separated from its base. The base of the case, while open, is designed to be protected from dust and water splash. Additional space is provided for accessories and cables.

Westinghouse Fleet talk

autokit.gif (36784 bytes)Fleet talk is designed for mobile applications where normal terrestrial means of communications are unreliable or non-existent.  It is perfect choice for fleet management and dispatch, off-road surveying, ranching or farming, security and police activities, or wherever reliable secure mobile communications are desired.

The Fleet talkprovides a choice of three different systems: a medium gain mast system, a medium gain dome system and a high gain dome system called Fleet talkPLUS. The mast antenna is lightweight and is easily installed with either a magnetic or permanent mount. The dome antenna has a aerodynamic design with a windswept shape and tracks the satellite electronically. Thecontourant.gif (14026 bytes) unit is about the size of a bicycle helmet and weighs less than two and one-half pounds.  All three systems come complete with mounting brackets, hardware and ample antenna cable lengths to properly position the antenna on any vehicle. All of the systems are UL tested and listed, and Westinghouse stands behind Fleet talk with a full one year factory warranty. The units are easy to install and come with ignition sensor and the option to link to the vehicles horn to alert the user of incoming telephone calls.

Westinghouse Remote talk

fixsite1.gif (9579 bytes)The Westinghouse Remote talk was designed for applications in which a temporary or permanent locations where a fixed position or stationary communication system is desired. It provides reliable and secure communications where normal public telephone service and cellular is non-existent or unreliable., It is especially suited to remote construction sites, disaster recovery operations, mining operations, offshore oil platforms, rural homes, timber operations and businesses: that require a secure dependable means of f1000.gif (6642 bytes)communication. Remote talk’s electronic components are packaged separate from its antenna unit which offers better reliability and protection from exposure to harsh environments. Antenna dishes are available in three sizes various length antenna cables. Marine Remote talk systems are equipped with stainless steel hardware. All systems are UL tested and listed and, Westinghouse stands behind Remote talk with a full one year factory warranty.



hmscomweb2.gif (15735 bytes)dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes)H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.

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