Fleet 77
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TT-3084A Capsat Fleet 77


Introducing the New Inmarsat Fleet F77, service providing the high quality and speed of a full 64 kbit/s Mobile ISDN service and the flexibility of the Inmarsat Mobile Packet Data Service, where users are charged for the amount of information sent and received rather than the time for which they are connected.


Now ships can become a connected node to their company's LAN or WAN network, offering flexibility and reliability of constant connection with the home office. The ship now has access to the total company infrastructure and company resources available to their land-based counterparts. This connection allows greater management integration, enhanced reporting function and total connectivity with shore based offices around the world. True Global Connectivity, with Inmarsat reliability and innovation.


Inmarsat Fleet F77 is also equipped to meet the latest distress and safety specifications of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). Through 4-stage voice pre-emption and prioritization, Inmarsat Fleet F77 supports the accreditation of vessels' systems and ensures high priority distress and safety needs are met.

Fleet 77 Service Features:

Digital Voice Communications - Clear Reliable Voice Communication
Secure Communications - Digital Secure Communication Connection
E-Mail - 24 Hour Global E-Mail Access
Secure Online Access - Utilizing Standard IP Protocols
Video Communications - Video Conferencing,
Distress and Safety Communications

DATA Services

Mobile ISDN Service - Generally for large file transfers and for speed critical applications. Use For:

  • Large File Transfers
  • High Quality Audio
  • Secure Voice and Data
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Streaming
  • Store-&-Forward Video
  • Photo Transmission

Mobile Packet Data Service - Primarily for small data transfers including e-mail, web and Intranet access. Use For:

  • Intranet Access
  • IP/LAN, WAN Access
  • Database Queries
  • Interactive E-mail.
  • E-Commerce
  • Navigational Data Updates
  • Vessel Telemetry Transmission


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H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.






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