TT-3084A Capsat Fleet 77
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TT-3084A Capsat® Fleet77

TT-3084A Capsat® Fleet 77 by Thrane & Thrane. The maritime terminal is an integrated communications unit that provides connectivity for phones, fax machines, computers and video links. It enables vessels to connect to their shore-based networks on a global basis. The basic Capsat ® Fleet77 package consists of a transceiver and an antenna together with a handset and cradle.


Compact Design - Easy Installation

The unit is designed as a lightweight, relatively small footprint unit that houses a lightweight antenna unit and transceiver unit that can be easily installed even in the most compact installation. The transceiver unit can be located up to 70 meters from the tracking antenna. The tracking antenna is only 85 cm high and with a diameter of just 84 cm, weighing a mere 25 kg. The antenna is designed to be line-replaceable with a bottom flap for ease of maintenance.

Easy to Configure

The unit is accompanied by user-friendly software on an accompanying CD-ROM that enables the easy and simple configuration, through the use of a standard PC. If this method is unavailable or if desired the unit is designed with a configuration module that can be transferred with configuration data contained in a memory-resident unit to a replacement receiver, enabling easy replacement without the need to reconfigure the unit.


The Capsat ® Fleet77 transceiver and antenna provides a communication hub that allows a multitude of connection options including desktop phones, payphones, DECT phones and fax machines.  Combined  with an IP router, the Capsat ® Fleet77 terminal can integrate the vessel 24 hours a day with on-shore management systems via the Web, including full e-mail and Internet services from all shipboard PC workstations. The ship can now become part of a company's LAN or WAN, globally.

ISDN or MPDS Data Capable

The Capsat ® Fleet 77 unit is capable of providing standard ISDN data connectivity or Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) configuration. This dual data service capability allows for the user to select the most appropriate means of connectivity for their individual requirements and applications. 

ISDN enables large file transfers, video conferencing and other large data or high data rate applications through a standard ISDN connection.  MPDS enables constant access and connectivity, it transforms remote vessel into just another node on the operator’s worldwide network, bringing it within instant reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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