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The Inmarsat-C system provides data messaging services through the use of small lightweight terminals. These units come in fixed, mobile, transportable, maritime and aeronautical configurations. All configurations employ omni-directional antennas.

Inmarsat-C supports tow-way text and data messaging, data-reporting and fleet broadcast communications at a data rate of 600 bits/sec.

As of January 1999, there has been more then 50,000 Inmarsat-C terminals in service.

Stratosí pioneering Inmarsat-C Internet gateway allows vessels to exchange

Internet e-mail without the need for special software and the monthly fees

normally associated with such a service. From individual customers to fleet

managers, Stratosí Inmarsat-C messaging service provides customers at sea,

and on land, with the communications adaptability they require, including:

Internet e-mail delivery and confirmation. Shore-side customers,

potentially unfamiliar with satellite communications, benefit from Stratosí free

delivery notification on all Internet e-mail messages. Stratos also provides an

optional delivery notification service for vessels.

Enhanced Telex capabilities. Stratosí Inmarsat-C service means ship-side

Telex machines are provided with connectivity to Internet e-mail and fax

networks. In addition, fixed users can avoid the costs of installing expensive

Telex lines and use their existing Internet e-mail software to communicate

with Inmarsat-C customers.

Flexible billing, including individual crew accounts. Stratos can provide

options that go beyond the Inmarsat standard of charging all messages to a

single shipís account. For example, Stratos can provide individual accounts

for all members of the crew by billing ship-to-shore messages according to

their final shore-side destination, such as a fax number or Internet e-mail


Controlled satellite charges. Stratosí flexible billing also means vessels avoid

paying satellite charges for unwanted messages. Before sending messages to a

vessel, Stratos requires shore-side customers to register their Internet addresses

with Stratos, for authentication and authorization. This protects the vessel owner

or operator from "junk mail" or other possible types of unsolicited messages for

which they would otherwise be charged.

  • Simple to use and cost-effective. Sending messages to vessels at sea does not require pre-determination of the vesselís global location (e.g. which ocean region). Stratos will find the vessel from its static Inmarsat-C Mobile Number and send the message ĺ at one price that is globally competitive.
  •  GMDSS compliance. Inmarsat-C is a cost-effective solution for vessels over 300 gross tons which must comply with the International Maritime Organizationís Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) requirements.
  • Free Message Copies. The Stratos network allows messages sent from a vessel to be copied to any number of Internet e-mail recipients free of charge. Copies can also be distributed to fax or Telex destinations with only the incremental landline being charged ĺ not the satellite air time.
  • Fleet Management Applications. The built-in GPS transceiver found in most Inmarsat-C terminals has made this Inmarsat service an integral component of fleet tracking systems around the world. Stratos has integrated a number of third-party applications into its networks to provide complete end-to-end, highly functional and cost-effective solutions, including vessel-tracking and fleet management applications from Racal and Navtek.

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dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes) H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.

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