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Trimble Galaxy Sentinel

The Galaxy Sentinel

A fully integrated Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Inmarsat-C/GPS system. The main Sentinel system components are housed in the Communications Unit enclosure including the Inmarsat-C transceiver, GPS receiver, computer, display and disk drive. The printer and antenna are standard components of the system. 

Optional Equipment

Remote printer, remote alarm panel and AC/DC power supply are also available. 

The  Galaxy Sentinel system offers full compliance with the new Inmarsat CN114 specification and IMO Resolutions A.807(19) and A.814(19).

Trimble Galaxy Marine

The Galaxy Inmarsat-C/GPS™ Marine takes two-way satellite communications and integrates  GPS technology to deliver seamless vessel tracking and management system for commercial shipping and fishing operations. The Galaxy utilizes Inmarsat-C's robust, two-way communications system by which users can send and receive text messages over any distance, anywhere in the world, in any weather. The Galaxy transmits GPS location data to an operations center at regular intervals, giving operators an overview of vessel locations, status and heading at anytime, anywhere.
The Galaxy system can deliver messages via Internet, e-mail, fax, TELEX, PSTN or PSDN.  The system enables fleet operators to poll a specific vessel or an entire ship fleet for position, speed and course information. GPS position and time data can be sent separately or appended to a user message.

hmscomweb2.gif (15735 bytes)dealer_p.gif (1989 bytes) H.M.S. Communications, Inc.'s products and services are provided by Stratos, an international multi-network mobile satellite service provider offering a complete range of communications solutions.


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