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IC-A5IC-A23Fly the airwaves with the latest ICOM airband transceivers! The IC-A5 (without VOR, COM only) and the IC-A23 (with VOR navigation) are compact and water resistant to JIS-4 grade. Both radios are easy to operate and feature large, clear LCD displays. Received conversations can be recorded and played back with the built-in voice recorder. With a large capacity rechargeable Ni-MH battery as a standard equipment on the IC-A23 and the IC-A5, you can talk longer than ever before! ICOM is the name pilots have come to know and trust. Follow the links below to find out more about these new ICOMs.

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GPS: GP 270 ML

GP-270MLThis 12 channel GPS receiver incorporates the latest in user-convenient digital technology, is incredibly easy to see and operate, and, although priced much lower than various competing models, offers impressive features.

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IC-F3GTIC-F3GSPC programmable portables.

Durability, dependability, operation simplicity, style, ruggedness, economical use, and more are required for commercial transceivers. But only a few such transceivers are available, particularly for portables. Now from ICOM - the IC-F3G (VHF) and IC-F4G (UHF) series of portable transceivers aim to become the most highly reputable of all commercials. Superior performance and features, everything you require is included. ICOM's technology give you satisfaction you never knew before.

Go to the IC-F3GT* and the IC-F3GS* (VHF) page.

Go to the IC-F4GT* and the IC-F4GS* (UHF) page.

*Not all versions of this device have been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. Not all versions of this device may be sold or leased, or be offered for sale or lease, until approval of the FCC has been obtained.


IC-F4TRIC-F4TR no keypadPC programmable UHF trunked radio.

The ideal subscriber unit for UHF SMR and ESMR operations. Conventional, basic LTR® and PassPort® are built-in. Conventional operation and talk-around are both available from the front panel during LTR® and PassPort® operation. Flash memory enables future system upgrades and future compatibility with other protocols.

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IC-F40GTIC-F40GSPC programmable portables.

If you want a durable, versatile, reliable and easy-to-operate portable VHF radio, the IC-F30GT* and the IC-F30GS* are designed for you. The UHF portables, the IC-F40GT* and the IC-F40GS* are also available. This series is designed for commercial communication or professional use with a host of built-in features, such as multiple tone-signalings, Flash-ROM, high speed PLL, Compander function and more. Not only for conventional operation, but also compatible with Trunking systems, this series is particularly useful for organizations that have large communications fleets. Icom's technologies guarantee to satisfy your needs.

Go to the IC-F30GT* and the IC-F30GS* (VHF) page.

Go to the IC-F40GT* and the IC-F40GS* (UHF) page.

* This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. This device may not be sold or leased, or offered for sale or lease until approval from the FCC has been obtained.


COMMANDMICIC-M502ICOM's latest VHF mounted radio. Waterproof, and easy to operate. The IC-M502 will easily blend into your cabin console or dashboard with its standard 4" X 6" panel. The generous front panel provides large function switches and a wide LCD. With full dot matrix characters, the display can be easily read under any lighting condition. By adding the new, optional COMMANDMIC (HM-127), all available functions of the IC-M502 (except DSC operation) can be controlled from remote locations, such as from the deck or flybridge. Plus, the COMMANDMIC doubles as an intercom!

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IC-M1VThe World's smallest waterproof handheld marine radio! Ultra compact, waterproof transceiver featuring non-corrosive construction. Powerful 5 watts of talk power. Lithium Ion power = longer battery life. With typical operation you'll get an incredible 12-14 hours of operating time: nearly twice as long as most Ni-Cds. Extra large LCD with alphanumeric indications.

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IC-R3Handheld audio/video receiver.

The all new video capable IC-R3! Never before has a handheld receiver given you as much information as the IC-R3. Not only can you see receiver's operating status and spectrum scope, you can display broadcast visual information: TV program, picture from wireless cameras and more. The IC-R3 is great for sporting events, security, Amateur TV, and you can watch your favorite TV program at anytime, anywhere. But, with a frequency coverage of 0.495-2450* MHz, and AM, FM, WFM modes built-in, the IC-R3 is not your average TV receiver! You've never seen anything like it!

Go to the IC-R3 page.

* U.S. cellular telephone frequencies blocked.

LAN: SL-1105, SB 1100, AP3

SL-1105A high speed 11 mbps wireless network in one simple package!

The SL-1105 plugs right in to the standard PCMCIA type II port found on most laptops. The SL-1105 is designed for use with Microsoft® Windows® 95 OSR2, 98, Millennium, NT 4.0 and 2000. Everything is included for plug and play operation. The AP-3 Wireless Access Point can be used in conjunction with the SL-1105 LAN card to increase the coverage area, or to connect the wireless network to an existing 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T wired networks. The SB-1100 Wireless LAN Bridge is used to connect two separate LAN system together without the need to run long cable connections.


The ICOM logo is a registered trademark of ICOM, Inc. All ICOM radios significantly exceed FCC regulations limiting spurious emissions. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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